Monday, September 14, 2009

Dinner -- 09/12/09

Selena's Table
2004 Valley Mills Dr.
Waco, TX 76710


5:00 - 6:15 p.m.


Ramona: House salad with mystic cranberry citrus dressing; grilled marinated tuna Greco; garlic mashed potatoes; iced tea; Chaka Sanna; coffee

Jim: Pork vegetable soup; Perry's grilled balsamic steak; garlic mashed potatoes; iced tea; sfogliatella with fruit sauce; coffee

A new restaurant opening is always something to celebrate, and when a new dining spot opens that beats all expectations, that is really cause for excitement. While we like to visit new places early, there is always a fear things may be a little rough around the edges. Selena's Table came with some pretty lofty praise from some colleagues, so we decided to try it after it was open only five days.

Obviously a lot of planning went into this new place at Ridgewood east on the corner of Valley Mills and Cobbs. The decor is as eclectic as the menu, which features a wide variety of unusual dishes from South America, Mexico, the Mediterranean, and Asia. The menu had such an interesting selection, we had a hard time settling on our dinner, changing our minds a couple of times.

Jim started with the soup, which had a slightly spicy and wonderful taste. Ramona's salad had a colorful presentation with fresh ingredients and an excellent dressing neither of us had ever tasted.

The entrees were of a generous size, perfectly cooked, and served at the right temperature. Jim especially liked the fried spinach, which served as garnish for the steak. Ramona's tuna steak was embellished with Roma tomato slices, capers, Greek olives, capers and feta cheese. Grilled mixed vegetables accompanied each dish and were fresh and crisp.

Lastly, the dessert menu held every bit as much interest as the rest of the menu. Ramona went with one of her favorites -- a flourless chocolate cake, and Jim tried for something completely different, a delicate pastry with fruits sauce and Nutella. Both were outstanding.

The only glitch was the bread, which had no character at all. The owners assured us that the arrival -- soon -- of a new bread and pastry chef would remedy that situation. At least for the near future, BYOB.

Scott, our server, seemed a bit nervous, but for the early days of the restaurant he did a great job.

If you like 1424, you will love Selena's Table. Don't miss out on this great new spot in Waco's ever-improving dining scene. Shame on Waco if it cannot support two first class restaurants, which rival many, many places in Dallas or Austin. We eagerly await our second visit.

-Jim & Ramona.